Learning Challenges

Learning challenges for each class this term.

'Is there a hero in you?' - Reception classes will be looking at some of the everyday heroes who help us: people like doctors, nurses, the police force and fire service. Some of our children may already have ambitions to do some of these jobs when they grow up.

'Where in the world are we?' - In year one you will be looking at maps of the world and of Stockton and Darlington to find out where we are in this great big world. In science you will be learning all about your amazing bodies and what makes us us. And in Literacy you will really love reading stories by one of our favourite authors; Julia Donaldson. Maybe you already know some of her stories or you may have some of her books at home.

'Where can we go and how do we get there?' - As well as looking at maps to find out where London, Cardiff and Edinburgh are, our year 2 classes will be looking at the different types of transport links we have across Britain and beyond.

'Do you wish you were here?' - In years 3 and 4, you will be focussing on the country which makes your class name; the landmarks, language and culture of the country and what would make you want to visit or not visit. Google Earth will be a brilliant way to bring this to life as you can see the famous landmarks as they are in real life.

'How can we enjoy Shakespeare today' - Year 5 children, you have such an exciting project for the start of this term when you will be looking at how someone who lived and died hundreds of years ago is still studied and enjoyed in the 21st century. And of course all of your work leads up to your grand performance of Macbeth at the Middlesbrough Theatre in October.

'Was Dino historically accurate?' - those of you who have seen The Flintstones on TV will know the character Dino. Well in year 6 you will be checking out whether the researches for this programme got all of their facts right when they were putting the programme together.

'Are you ready for take-off?' - Earth class have a time machine in their classroom this term which will take you off to some wonderful places in Britain and throughout the wider world. I wonder where you will go?